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We help with digital transformation and help your business take advantage of the latest technologies and tools. We create custom CRM/ERP tools that can boost your business performance and analysis. Services....

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Introducing SkyPartners

Sky Partners is a software development company based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We provide end-to-end solutions for building your product. Our team consists of experienced and passioned software developers. We are ready to make the extra effort that is required to make a product great.

We aim to help your business take advantage of the best tools technology has to offer. We also provide long term support for products that we have built.

We love what we do.

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Delivering Results

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Web Applications

Corporate websites or complex enterprise platforms as per your needs.

CRM/ERP Systems

Custom CRM/ERP Systems built specifically for your business.

Data Analysis

AI-powered systems can analyze data from hundreds of sources.

Cloud Migration

Migrate your business data to the cloud and use its powerful tools.

Machine Learning

Custom tools and automation practices using Machine Learning Algorithms.

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